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Helmets, do you need one?
Trailer or child seat
Croozer Trailer
Bike racks (carriers) for the vehicle
Locks and storing your bike
Necessary accessories? (Christmas wish list?)

Helmets, do you need one?
Not really, that is if you don't ever crash. The fact is that in sports where the potential for impact at speed is high, helmets are required for competition. In the case of downhill skiing events, you're stupid if you don't wear one. One mistake on a steep slope and you could end up with a job pushing daisies. On city streets when riding a bicycle, the closing speeds with other vehicles are similar to let's say the speeds on a giant slalom course. Mix that with a 3000 lb. automobile and you've got a lot of trouble on your hands in a crash situation. In fact, if you're not wearing a helmet, your chances of sustaining a serious head injury are approximately eighty five percent higher than if you are. Be smart, wear a helmet when you ride.

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Trailer or child seat
A child seat may be best where there is just one child and the rider doesn't want anything trailing behind. Also a child seat is considerably cheaper. However, a trailer can be safer as it is inherently more stable and is safer when parked. Just think how tippy a bike with a child seat attached can be while on its kickstand. I would not leave the child in the seat in this unsafe situation. However, it is relatively safe to leave the children in the trailer when parked. Just don't let the bike and trailer roll away! Also, a trailer has good resale ability and value that a child seat doesn't. They both have their merits.

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The Croozer Trailer
The Croozer trailer is produced in China and Taiwan for Chariot Trailers of Canada. It is a fine trailer and a bargain to boot. We began selling these in 2011 and have been pleased with their quality and value. Click here for the comparison


Go Bug


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If you ride at night, you must have a light according to our state's law. Will you get a citation if caught? Probably not. However, if you are concerned for your safety and would like to enjoy night riding, get a light. Not only will you be safer, but you may find yourself enjoying those evening rides and ultimately enjoying eying your bike even more. A lower priced halogen light sells for about $20-$30. It will do a good job. You can get a nice rechargeable light with energy cell and recharger for about $50. This is one of your best values. Nicer and higher candlepower models will run $100 to $200. You can even spend more than that. However a $100-$200 light will provide ample candle-power and have a sufficient battery for most people's demands. A nice light as such could be a real treat of a Christmas or birthday present or whatever the occasion may be (anniversary, graduation).

Notice I didn't mention generator lights. For the most part they went the way of the dinosaur. Sure they worked/work fine on road bikes. but they do "drag" on the wheel. It is like riding with tight wheel bearings. Today's battery powered lights have come a long way. We now have halogen beams and rechargeable systems. Most good lights with good battery packs or energy cells will operate for 3 to 5 hours. This is really quite a bit when you figure most people will ride for only an hour at most after the sun goes down. After a few rides, put it on the recharger and you're ready to go again. Be safe. Have fun. Light up your life.

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Bike racks (carriers) for the vehicle
Every year we sell a lot of these. What is best for you, you may ask. We may then ask you what your needs are. If you only need to carry one or two bikes for short trips, then an inexpensive rear strap-on type carrier will probably work fine. For long distances or 3 or 4 bikes, a roof rack may be best. Receiver hitch carriers that carry 4 bikes have become very popular lately. This way, you are not lifting bikes up onto the roof of your car which can be inconvenient for some people. However, with a receiver hitch carrier you can't really pull a trailer as the hitch that was once designated for your camper or boat trailer is now occupied by this bike rack. If this is not a problem, then receiver hitch racks are great.

We sell only good carriers that cost a little more but they are sure worth it. A cheap one that scratches or damages your car or loses bikes on the highway at freeway speeds is no bargain. Convenience and ease of installation is another factor as we present a quality product.

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Locks and storing your bike
We have all heard of someone whose bike was stolen while it was left unattended for just a minute or two. Believe it or not, bikes have a way of disappearing very quickly. Nowadays, we have quite a selection of locks. Which lock is best? The answer depends on your security needs. A rider who never leaves the bike seat as in the case with many serious road riders may not need a lock at all. Then we have the casual rider who may need to lock up the bike while buying a can of pop at the convenience store. A lock and cable in this case will work fine while the commuter who leaves the bike parked outside of work every day or night will probably need a more expensive U-lock. Assess your needs and buy appropriately.

At home we recommend keeping your bike inside. There is nothing wrong with keeping a clean bike with clean tires inside your home, apartment, room, dorm room or whatever. A convenient way to store a bike inside is with a storage hook. You only need one storage hook (cost - about one dollar) screwed into the ceiling joist or wall stud so that you can hang the bike by one wheel conveniently out of your way and it is then as secure as anything else behind the locked doors of your home.

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Necessary accessories? (Christmas wish list?)

___Necessary if you ride at night
Riding Gloves
___They make the ride more comfortable
___Necessary if you leave your bike unattended
___Necessary for toting the loads
Handlebar Pac
___A nice touch for carrying small items
Patch Kit or Tool Kit
___Nice to have for emergencies
Extra Inner Tube
___You may need it
Air Pump
___Necessary for trailside tire repairs
___Good for rider comfort
Bell or Horn
___Let them know you are coming
___Great for watching your speed, distance, and other vital statistics
Automobile Rack
___Great for toting bikes to the trails on your car
Leg Strap
___Keep your pants out of the chain and sprocket
Chain Lube
___Use a good chain lube made for bike chains

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